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Terry Mulder, minister for transport or just stationary cars? [Oct. 6th, 2012|11:09 am]
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This wasn't published in The Age presumably not because it wasn't brilliant, but because I was 26 words over the 200 word limit:

Why does State Transport Minister Terry Mulder think that building an East-West freeway link will help solve problems similar to today's -- the likes of which happens roughly once every 13 years? To be most useful (but still with only a return on investment of 0.7), there can't be any off-ramps into the city, otherwise the congestion will just be transferred to city roads instead of Hoddle Street. It's pure an East-West link. Today, the blockages at the tunnel were stopping people getting into the city. How does as East West link solve problems like today's (or indeed any other problem that can't be solved by improving railway freight links instead)?

Meanwhile, we've got a train system that actually suffered a decline in patronage this year because the train timetable change last year made it so unattractive to catch a train anywhere, because formerly simple trips now involve poorly timed unnecessary changes of train and platform. I recently found it quicker to walk home 2 stations from the closest premium station because Metro Trains were so disorganised and seemed to have misplaced their connecting train (station staff certainly had no idea what was going on).

Made me glad to be on my bike next to the freeway today as I rode past all the stationary traffic. The only reliable way to get to and from work.